I found sources for the Christian Holocaust happening across seas and I am begging you that they are spread. This needs to be known about as much as Ferguson does. They are beheading children, turning women and girls into slaves and raping them, murdering countless men, and much more. In one place…

Christians and other minorities in Iraq are being slaughtered after ISIS has taken control of the second largest city in the country. It is literally convert to Islam or die. And in Mosul, for the first time since the 15th century, there are no longer any Christians in the city, from a population of over 60,000 in 2003. This is a genocide. Please, this issue is just as important as Ferguson and Gaza but I’ve literally seen nothing of it on this website. Many countries have offered asylum for refugees who have managed to escape, but so far not the UK. This link includes so many sources and I beg you to spread the word. I’ve included links to petitions for government action. I’ve included below some petitions and donation pages. 

Petition for the UK government to offer asylum

CitizenGo petition for action by the UN and Arab League

Petition for US government action