Anonymous asked:

Hi could you do an mpreg one or probably birthday sex whichever you pick please

iwasmakingitreign answered:

Dean flinched when he felt the twins moving in his belly. It felt so weird but it was so amazing. Roman watched the movement, he laughed when he saw hands pushing non stop. “They wanna get out.”

"Well they’re just gonna have to wait." Dean chuckled when Roman put his hands on his belly. One of the twins kicked a bit hard and Dean cursed. "That hurts! Go to sleep!" Dean poked at his own belly, trying to discipline his unborn babies.

"They felt their daddy." Roman smiled proudly. "I’m so happy."

"I’ll be happy when they’re finally out. God, when I’m trying to sleep they start to party. It hurts."

"I’m sorry baby." Roman kissed the bump then moved up to kiss Dean on the lips. "I know its hard, you know I always try to comfort you the best I can. I can’t imagine what you’re going through."

"You don’t try to comfort me when I have gas."

"Okay. I don’t know how and I don’t want to." Roman shook his head. "It’s excessive."

"I can’t help it. At least it doesn’t smell." Dean laughed loudly when Roman shook his head. "No but seriously, when these babies come out they’re going to see you and instantly love you so much. I know they’re going to be really attached to you." Dean smiled when he got a kiss on the lips.

"They’re going to call you mommy. L" roman replied.

"Don’t say that! I’m daddy. "